It's coming to that time where many students are getting ready to go to university, all buying their toasters and weird kitchen gadgets they've never set eyes on before! It seems like it was ages ago when I was getting ready to embark on a new chapter on my life that was university – when it was only a year ago. I remember going out and spending an arm and a leg on things that I needed for my new university room and watching countless videos about other peoples’ experiences and things they needed and other stuff that just didn’t get a look in. Since (like many others), I’ve been there and done it as well as moved out of accommodation back home, I’d consider myself a packing/unpacking expert, I thought I’d compile some advice based on the lessons I learnt as well as some tips that worked for me, regarding packing to move to university.

This is the absolute most important tip when it comes to packing in general, but more importantly when you’re going to university. Having a checklist will ensure that you have the bare necessities and will also show you what you have got and more importantly, what you haven’t got. One thing I will say, particularly to those who are moving quite far away from home (unlike me who was a 20 minute drive away) is to bring home comforts with you, albeit a cozy blanket, photos etc. If you’re unsure with what to bring, do a bit of research – Google and YouTube are your best friends as there are so many people talking about their experiences as well as things they brought and didn’t need and things they needed and wish they had brought with them!

When you’re moving away from home, you think you should bring every single item in your wardrobe, however you don’t need everything. Remember, that when you’re popping home, you’ll want to have some clothes there to prevent you having to lug a sh*t tonne of clothes back. Not only are university wardrobes quite small and will most likely not accommodate for an extensive wardrobe, but also you just won’t wear half of what you think you will. My advice is to bring you’re current go-to clothes as you will probably wear them, and a bit extra as well just for more options.

Something that I did and was so glad I did was use plastic boxes when moving into my accommodation. Not only does it mean you can throw lots of miscellaneous things in there when you’re moving, but if you get the right size, you’ll probably be able to keep them under your bed as additional storage during term time. I had two boxes (from Wilko) and my suitcase that I kept under my bed all of which came in very handy. Before moving into halls, I stocked up on pretty much everything I needed to keep me going throughout the year, so that I wouldn’t have to purchase it myself – sorry mum. In one box, I kept backups of any kitchen/bathroom stuff, such as washing up sponges, washing up liquid, kitchen roll, bleach etc. and in the other, I kept dry foods that wouldn’t all fit in my allocated kitchen cupboards.

When you’re going into your first year and thinking about uni, you think you’re going to try and dress really nice all the time and actually make an effort, but when it’s 8:30 in the morning and you’re struggling to get up for your 9AM lecture, style goes completely out of the window and jeans, a jumper and a pair of trainers become your cult outfit – unless you’re one of those people who are always looking pristine and wear heels to a lecture, then completely bypass this section! So to the rest of you, when you’re thinking about the clothes you’re bringing stock up on (your idea of) comfy clothes because the last thing you want is to be sitting in a 3-hour lecture (which is already painful enough) feeling uncomfortable because your shoes are hurting your feet.

Moving into halls can be a tiring process as it is with the whole, getting there early, picking up your keys, taking photographs for your student ID as well as the daunting prospect of meeting new people for the first time, so make it as easy as possible for yourself! When you’re packing, try and organize everything into the different rooms of your accommodation. For most people, like myself it’s bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. It just makes it easier to unpack everything as I can only imagine that having a baking tray mixed with your bedding and fairy lights is pretty annoying, so separate your sh*t!

As much as you may anticipate going out every single night and wearing heels for every single occasion, you won’t. Don’t bring a stupid amount of heels as you most likely wont even end up wearing the majority of them. I’d suggest bringing two, but a maximum of three pairs of heels (even that’s too much) because even if you do decide to go out lots, more likely than not, you’ll opt for a pair of trainers.

Do you have any university packing tips? 

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  1. These are great tips, I remember I took so many shoes to uni and I only wore about four pairs the entire time. Great post x

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