I feel like it’s been absolutely yonks since I last did a haul, which is crazy since I’m constantly buying things. In the spirit of autumn and winter, I’ve been trying to buy pieces to keep me nice and snug in the warmer months. I’ve really stocked up on outerwear as I felt like I was really lacking some alternative items in my wardrobe. Although this is a basics haul, my usual outfits throughout the year are relatively basic anyway, I just incorporate a select view pieces depending on the season. Such as a bright statement bag for spring and summer and gilets and scarves for autumn and winter.

I’m not typically a jacket person, I’ve had the same parka jacket from Primark for about four years now. But there’s always room for a new jacket or two (or five). This year, I purchased two faux fur gilets for the minus temperatures. Paired with a chunky knit and a thin top underneath for good measure, will hopefully keep me toasty. So pull out your huge winter coats from under your bed (or wherever you store them) or purchase a nice winter coat to get you through your Christmas shopping or just your long commutes to work!

Do all three requirements even exist in one shoe? Probably not. I actually find that my autumn/winter footwear doesn’t really different from my spring/summer shoes. I just tend to leave the flip-flops and sliders in my shoe cupboard. I haven’t worn my cozy Ugg boots since about 2015, I just tend to wear Vans and Converses all year round. Although they may not be the warmest, they are comfortable and go with pretty much every outfit – I just need to brace my ankle cleavage for the cold temperature.

This may sound extremely stupid for the colder months, but thin tops are so versatile regardless of weather and season. You can obviously wear them in the summer so that you’re not too hot, but in the autumn and winter, they make great pieces for layering. I personally love layering and it’s one of my favourite things for when the weather gets cold. When you’re outside it’s chapping, but then you take two steps inside a shop or someone’s house and you’re absolutely roasting. Layers just allow you to keep warm when you’re outside (or just cold) and then gives you the option to take off a layer or two when you’re inside and get too hot.

Jeans are always a good shot, irrespective of season. My absolute current favourites are from Topshop and they’re the Jamie jeans. Back in the day, I used to swear by their Leigh jeans, which I style like, but they’re more of a jegging material, whereas whilst the Jamie jeans look and feel like a genuine pair of jeans, they look really tight and well fitted whilst having the right amount of stretch to make them feel extremely comfortable. If tight-looking, but comfortable skinny jeans aren’t you’re thing, and you have different preferences/requirements when it comes to your jeans, Topshop have so many different styles, fits and colours, which is something I really like about them.

Gloves are something that I need to get back into. When I was younger, I would wear them all the time, but nowadays, I just don’t tend to wear them – thank god for pockets! I think it’s because my ideal gloves would be leather gloves rather than those fabric ones you can get in Primark, but my fingers are so long and my hands are so big that they never fit like a glove (ironically) and they’re always so tight. This year, I will actually make it my mission to find the perfect pair and actually start wearing gloves!

S H O P   T H E   H A U L

What have you bought for the colder months?

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