Hi! I'm Charlotte Peter-Christmas (A.K.A. Charlotte Christmas). I'm a student blogger from London and I have a slight excessive obsession with anything beauty related and I'm down for anything monochrome. I thoroughly enjoy travelling, which is heavily fuelled by my passion for photography, as I believe that "a picture speaks a thousand words". Back in early 2013, I decided to start a blog having read and watched many other beauty enthusiasts. I started writing predominantly about beauty and makeup, however I've now ventured more into fashion, lifestyle and even food and interior posts! My blog is my outlet to document all my ramblings about life and experiences as well as my opinions on certain products. 

Other than writing my blog and studying, I also work part-time and have written for an online magazine, World's No1 Model which was another outlet to document my ramblings on beauty and fashion!

I hope you enjoy my little corner of the Internet as much as I do!