• 29.1.19


    A few years ago for my 18th birthday, I received the Louis Vuitton Toiletry Pouch 26 as an introductory piece into the world of luxury and designer pieces. From a really young age, I've been into nice things and particularly appreciated the look of a good bag or gorgeous pair of shoes on other people. I'm an avid reader of magazines such as Elle, Tatler and Harpers Bazaar which are filled to the brim with various brands and designers all over their glossy pages! I have always been a fan of Louis Vuitton and for such a milestone birthday, I wanted something that I would not only get to keep forever and pass down to my future children, but something that would introduce me into a world I've admired for years!

    There are three sizes of the toiletry pouch - the 15, 19 and 26. The number of the bag represents the size in centimeters. You can also get this bag in different colours and materials. I have the Toiletry Pouch 26 in the monogram canvas as it looks like a classic LV piece. This piece in particular is marketed as a travel accessory to obviously put all of your toiletries in, however I (like many others) use it primarily as a clutch bag. The only time I really use this for its intended function is when I'm travelling and keep it in my handbag with all my mini toiletries.

    | WEAR & TEAR
    As with all the monogram pieces from Louis Vuitton, the vachetta leather has a tendency to patina over time. As I've had this bag for a few years, I expected the small amount of vachetta to darken in colour due to use and age, however it pretty much looks exactly as it did when I got it, which is probably due to the fact that I don't really hold it from the little tab on the side. This bag is extremely durable, it has been dropped on the floor of night clubs, had the odd drink spilt on it, and it has held up really well as there aren't really any marks.

    At one point I thought it would have been better if I got the size down (19) however having seen it in person, I quickly came to realise that if I did get the 19 that I would barely get any use out of it due to it's size. If you are looking to get yourself a LV Toiletry Pouch, then I would highly suggest getting the 26 as it's perfect to use as an actual bag as well as it's intended function to carry toiletries. If you want something small to pop in your everyday handbag, then maybe go for the 15 or 19 or even check out the cosmetic pouches LV has to offer. The 26(cm) toiletry pouch costs around £280 which I think is actually pretty good and considering the amount that I have used this piece, the cost per wear is most likely very minimal. If you're looking for a classic, yet versatile and trendy piece or something to introduce you into designer pieces, I would highly recommend the Toiletry Pouch!

    What's your favourite/most used bag?!

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