• 30.1.19


    Aspyn Ovard is a renowned lifestyle blogger and vlogger and is one of four influencers to collaborate with Pixi. An amazing thing about collaborations is that they can reflect an individual’s signature look or personal preferences and Aspyn’s collaboration with Pixi really does that. Aspyn’s go to makeup is very natural with a pretty highlight and defined lashes and brows which is mirrored in this collaboration. This collaboration really gaged my interest as I, myself am obsessed with highlighting and brows! As with all the #pixipretties collaborations, Aspyn's is very personal - incorporating some of her favourite destinations - Santorini, London & Rome.

    | EYE ACCENT KIT* £16.00
    The eye accent kit consists of the lower lash mascara and the brow tamer. I usually always end up getting mascara absolutely everywhere around my eyes and the small, dainty element to the wand makes it a lot easier to be precise about where the product is going and reduces the chance of getting it in places you don’t want it to be. I also love using this for my shorter inner corner lashes, as I can also be quite messy when applying mascara there too. An important thing about this mascara is that it doesn’t crumble and leave black bits underneath my eyes unlike some other mascaras. With regards to the brow tamer, I don’t tend to be wowed by eyebrow gels in general, unless they have an amazing hold for my unruly brows. I’m no cosmetic expert, but I don’t feel like you can really do that wrong when it comes to an eyebrow set. Having said that, if you’re someone who doesn’t need a lot of hold and just wants to quickly set their eyebrows, this is a good eyebrow set. I would recommend the eye accent kit, even if it’s just for the lower lash mascara – the brow tamer is just an added bonus in my opinion!

    | GLOW-Y POWDER* £14.00 EACH
    There are three glow-y powder shades within Aspyn’s collaboration with Pixi – 2 highlighters and 1 blusher. London Lustre is a light ivory highlighter. Santorini Sunset is a slightly warmer creamy highlight than London Lustre. Rome Rose is a mid-tone pink with shimmer running through it. I was surprised when I saw how pigmented these are – to the point where I went overboard with the highlighter and found it quite difficult to blend into the skin. I’ve found that a good way to get an evenly blended intense highlight with this product is to slowly build it up as you go to prevent you from having a harsh line on the tops of your cheeks. Although I like how versatile the glow-y powders are as they’d work whether you’d like a subtle or intense highlight and everything in between!

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