• 14.2.19


    There are so many beauty products gracing the shelves of the beauty isles, and one way to get noticed is to product creative and innovative products. Some of these products really excite me at first glace, however others make me a little bit skeptical because I don’t know how they’re going to work and the results I’ll get with them etc. Something that happened to not only excite me, but also intrigue me are the new Pixi face mists. There are four mists, all with different functions – Vitamin Wakeup, Glow, Hydrating and Makeup Fixing – all of which are suitable for all skin types. To use all four of these, you need to shake before using them and you can also use all of them throughout the day. As with all Pixi products, these mists are not tested on animals.


    This is one of my favourite out of the four mists. This product contains hyaluronic acid, which is renowned for giving the skin a boost of hydration and plumps the skin. The "blend of black oat, provitamin A, and linoleic acid makes this rejuvenator the perfect first layer of moisture before serums or makeup”. You can use this product whenever you need it throughout the day, although I use it twice a day, prior to applying my moisturiser. On some days, I use it in place of a hydrating serum or oil. I’ve found this mist to be really refreshing on the skin and helps to restore the skin of hydration, particularly as it sinks in really quickly.


    This mist is supposed to prolong the wear of makeup and prevent it from settling into fine pores and fine lines. The rose water and green tea infused formula comforts, protects and balances the skin for a fresh face. You can use this product before and after makeup to increase longevity and throughout the day to refresh makeup. I personally like to use this after I’ve applied my makeup to set it in place. It keeps my makeup in tact throughout the entire day and I like how unlike other mists, it doesn’t completely soak my face.


    The Wakeup mist is a vitamin boosting treatment toner, which gives a revitalized awakened effect to the complexion. I personally love how cooling and refreshing this is on the skin. This product can be used before applying your moisturiser to strengthen and tone or after makeup to add hydration and a protective veil and throughout the day to cool, waken up and refresh the skin. I tend to use it in the mornings after I’ve cleansed my face and also throughout the day when my skin it looking a little lackluster.

    | *GLOW MIST

    Having an amazing glow is all the rage at the moment and this is a cool and innovative product to help achieve that! The Pixi Glow mist is meant to give a glowing, luminous and smooth complexion whilst providing hydration, protection and to nourish. It’s also meant to give a dewy finish, refresh makeup, hydrate and add a glow. You can use this face mist in the morning, evening or whenever you need/want it. One of my favourite things about the glow mist is that it makes the skin look lovely and healthy without looking greasy or oily.

    Have you tried any of the Pixi Mists? What do you think?

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