• 13.5.19


    Over the past year of so, I've been really trying to improve my skincare regime. I have always found it hard to pin down the perfect skincare routine as I have such problematic skin, from acne prone, to dehydrated and having pigmentation. One product that has been consistent in my skincare routine is the Sarah Chapman Intense Hydrating Booster Serum which I have grown to love over the years!

    Many people don't like to use many products on their face because they think that it's too heavy, time consuming and weighs down their skin. Ever since I incorporated serums into my skincare routine, I find it really hard to move onto moisturiser before using a serum. I really like using this between my toner and moisturiser as it's adds a boost of hydration into my skin in addition to my moisturiser, as well as giving my skin other benefits too. This Sarah Chapman serum is extremely lightweight and doesn't weigh my skin down. As it has a clear consistency, it doesn't leave any pigmentation on the skin and is quick and easy to work into the skin.

    More importantly, I'd highly recommend this product as I find with a lot of good skincare products, you consistently use them and won't see much difference, however when you stop using them, you notice a difference. That's the same with this product, when I switched serums, I noticed a difference in the plumpness of my skin which also reflected the lack of hydration in my skin. 

    Although at £58 (for 30ml) may seem rather expensive for this product, I can assure you it is well worth it as it not only has good skincare benefits, it lasts a long time (mine lasted around 8 months) as well as you don't need a huge amount.

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