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    Topshop jeans have been a favourite of mine for almost 10 years. When I was 12, I was an avid fan of the ‘Leigh’ jeans, which aren’t even a style Topshop offer anymore, but now as a 21 year old, Jamie jeans are where it’s at for me and they have been my absolute go-to for about 3 years now and they make up a the majority of the jeans in my wardrobe. So why Jamie jeans?

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    Honestly, there’s nothing I don’t love about them. I’m about as fussy as they come in terms of finding the perfect jeans and the Jamie jeans really tick every box when it comes to the perfect skinny jean. Let’s talk about the most important thing when it comes to selecting pieces for your wardrobe – the fit. As with the majority of Topshop jeans, they come in a variety of sizes, ranging from a 24” waist, up to a 36 and come in three different lengths, 28”, 30” and a 32”. Jamie jeans are described as “a modern wardrobe icon” and made with a small percentage of elastane, allowing you to achieve the look of a tightly fitted jean, whilst being extremely comfortable because of the stretch. Another thing to note about the fit is that these jeans perfectly swaddle the ankles, and don’t leave any gaps, which is an absolute bugbear of mine.

    I’m 5ft5 and a size 16, and I wear a W34, L30 (or L28 if I want ankle grazers). The sizing across the range of Jamie jeans are consistent across the board, which is perfect if you want to quickly pop into store and pick up a pair or if you’re ordering online, which saves a lot of time and inconvenience. Another major plus for me is the fact that they have belt holes, as I personally can’t wear jeans without a belt - no one needs to see that. If you have no need or preference for belt holes, you may want to check out the ‘Joni’ jeans from Topshop.

    Other than the fit of my denim, I’m very particular about the shade of denim. This is completely subjective to personal preference, but Topshop have an extensive shade range available. My personal favourite shade of denim to wear for everyday is a mid-wash blue. Not too light or too dark. If you want something a little bit different to a simple style of jeans, then you can get different finishes, including corduroy and satin, rips, whether it’s on the knees, back pockets or a frayed hem and other features such as zips etc.

    Topshop’s Jamie jeans start at £40 and go up to £49, which is the only thing I’m not too fond of, but they are definitely well worth it, particularly for the variety and the quality that you get.

    If skinny jeans aren’t for you, Topshop have many alternative styles on offer:

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