'Charlotte Christmas', the blog was established in January 2013, however Charlotte Christmas, the person has been around since the late 90s. My blog was my creative space on the internet for just over 5 amazing years, until I had creators block (is that even a thing? Well it is now) and I fell out of love with the content I was producing. I took a well-needed hiatus and worked on myself, travelled and just concentrated on my offline. After a little less than a year, I had a sudden urge to start my blog back up and producing high quality curated content that I love to make and that you’ll (hopefully) love to read.

    I’m also a journalism student and in my final year of university, learning everything BTS when it comes to the journalism industry in terms of writing and the legalities. I’m honestly excited to finish university and to get my hands really stuck into what I love and to really kick-start my life and career.

    However, myself as Charlotte, the person loves beauty and playing around with new and innovative makeup products. There’s nothing more I love than discovering a product that has worked really well for me and getting other people onto it, so they can experience it and love it just as much as I do, if not more! I also have a huge love for travelling, whether it’s just a couple hours to the countryside or across the pond etc. Nothing beats experiencing different cultures and ways of living. It really is priceless and isn’t something that can be taught from a textbook. That being said, recently I’ve really delved into fashion and incorporating trends into my personal style whilst challenging myself to wear something other than jeans and a shirt!

    So what can you expect from me? Pretty much anything, from advice, to travel city guides and my favourite beauty picks, basically whatever floats my boat, however my main focus is style. Being a fellow plus size girl, I know the struggles when it comes to finding clothes that look good on and make you feel even better. This blog is an inclusive place where my aim is to show you that you can wear whatever you feel like, regardless of what someone else might say or think. Be confident, stand tall and know you are good enough, because you bloody are. 

    If you would like to contact me, you can do so, here.